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Griz Inn Privacy Policy:

The Griz Inn is managed by Park Vacation Management Ltd. The Griz Inn & Park Vacation Management values your privacy, and uses your information to process the reservation for your accommodation and lodging. We may also use your personal data to generate statistics and aggregate reports for internal use only. Your identity is kept anonymous in these statistics and aggregate reports.

The Griz Inn & Park Vacation Management are committed to protect personal information by making reasonable security arrangements against such risks as unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure or disposal. Security measures, such as the use of FTP secure sites, have been integrated into the design, implementation and day-to-day operating practices as part our commitment to protect the information we hold. The Griz Inn & Park Vacation Management also protects your personal information through industry-standard firewalls that securely separates the Internet from our organization's web servers and data. These firewalls are designed to prevent unauthorized access to our web servers, as well as our data.

The Griz Inn & Park Vacation Management does not disclose any customer information to third parties. We do not, and will not, sell or rent users' non-aggregate specific personal information to third-party companies.
The personal information submitted is secure once it reaches the The Griz Inn & Park Vacation Management servers. In transit between a computer and the server, however, it may not be secure. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that information will not be disclosed in ways not otherwise described in this policy.

This Griz Inn web site links to some external web sites that offer information on tourism-related issues and events. These sites may be operated by other private businesses, non-profit organizations and government agencies. The Griz Inn & Park Vacation Management are not responsible for the content and privacy practices of other web sites. We encourage users to review the privacy policy for each external site before submitting any personal information.
The Griz Inn & Park Vacation Management reserves the right to cooperate with local, provincial, national, international, and inter-universal officials in any investigation requiring personal information - including any information provided online through www.grizinn com - or reports about lawful or unlawful user activities on this site.

This Privacy Policy can be amended at any time. The Griz Inn & Park Vacation Management also reserves the right at any time to disclose information in an individual's account:
- To satisfy any law, regulation or government request,
- If such disclosure is necessary or appropriate to site operation or,
- To protect the rights or property of Park Vacation Management and its users, sponsors, providers, licensees or merchants.

Griz Inn & Park Vacation Management Legal Statement

The photographs and materials contained in this web site are copyrighted and certain names and logos are protected by federal and/or provincial trademark registrations. THe Griz Inn and Park Vacation Management ("Owner") maintains all ownership rights in these materials.

The Owner grants you a non-transferable non-exclusive right and license to use the information provided here for your own personal use or for use by your business, but strictly for purposes of gaining information about the properties described and determining whether and how to book reservations at said properties. You may not copy, reverse engineer, upload, modify or make derivative works from the materials on this web site, or publish, market,